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2-Page Double Spread - $1250

Full Page - $800

Half Page - $500

Quarter Page - $300

Inside Back Cover - $1000

Inside Front Cover - $1000

Back Cover - $1600

Front Cover Logo -$600

Business Card Ad - $95

Publications will be distributed in

0ver 25,000 residential homes and high end commercial locations as well as high traffic supermarkets in:


Boro Park


Crown Heights

Nassau County


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About Us

Naomi Magazine

Don't you think its time for a modest alternative to the modern magazine and media culture? Naomi Magazine is the brainchild of Naomi Meirov who has set out to create an orthodox publication with everything from fashion, Jewish entertainment, home decor, restaurant & travel reviews, features about great women in all fields and articles for teens, millennials and of course MOM... all in one magazine

Innovative & Trendsetting

Our goal is to produce an amazing product that is full interesting content combined with gorgeous tzniut photos. Thanks to your support we are truly blessed and thank Hashem for endless blessings