How To Set Up A Top Notch Interior Design

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Switch them as the seasons change. Add plush pillows with soft fabrics and jewel tones. It’s amazing what such a little touch can do to the atmosphere of the room!

Light up that fireplace! If you don’t have one, adding candles around the home can add that cozy feel, not to mention a delicious scent. Remember though, safety is first.

Do just that. Throw one over your sofa or your bed! They are so warm and cozy, functioning as that extra blanket to snuggle in. They also look so rich and luscious.

Last but not least, add some warm tones and jewel colors to your home. Add some window treatments.

As an interior designer, I’m often asked what my work involves. Is it all glitz, glamour, and super exciting? After all, we do get to create gorgeous spaces! My work is invigorating and inspiring, I become alive and I love it, but it’s also a journey – an emotional one with hard work and long hours. My work leads to creating beautiful homes with innovative designs, the latest trends, and a continuous aesthetic, as well as space for families to live, laugh, and create precious memories.
During these, cold, winter nights, when snowflakes are falling and the windows are frosted our homes should be a warm and inviting escape from the brutal cold, and a place to unwind and warm-up.
Here are a few tips on how to create a cozy and toasty atmosphere in your home during this winter season:


Anywhere you can throw it, do it – it brings instant warmth to the room. You can place it on chairs, you can put it at the end of your bed, or enjoy the softness of it as a rug.
There are so many options and ideas when it comes to using shags.

Tones (Accent):

Paint that accent wall. All of these little accents will be so inviting, warm and cozy. Small changes that make a world of a difference.
Mmmm……I’m feeling inner contentment just picturing it!

Warm Lighting:

Dim those bright lights and add some soft lighting, table lamps, or floor lamps. The lighting in the room really creates the ambiance.

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